Catégorie ASBL
Adresse Rohero I, Avenue de la Jonction, n°9, Bujumbura - Burundi

TWITEZIMBERE ASBL is a Non-Profit Association (ASBL) created in February 1993 by a group of Burundian civil society organizations.


  • - The fight against poverty through development support activities cialis 20mg income generating (IGAs) and micro / companies; 
  • - Improvement of the socio-economic environment through the establishment of social infrastructures: education, health, drinking water, sanitation, production support infrastructure such as warehouses and warehouses for the conservation of agricultural products, breeding and fishing, markets such as pharmacy and irrigation and drainage systems; infrastructure for unblocking or opening up such as runways, bridges, riffles, etc., and devices for the protection of the environment (erosion control, reforestation);
  • - The training of the population in the spirit of entrepreneurship, empowerment to self-development and management of micro / projects 
  • - The implementation of surveys and studies to monitor the socio-economic conditions of the population. 

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