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Village Health Works (VHW): French Teacher – Burundi

French Teacher – Burundi
Village Health Works (VHW)

About the job

Job Title: French Teacher – Burundi

Reports to: Head of School

Location: Kigutu, Burundi

Organization Background

KIA is an ambitious initiative of Village Health Works (VHW) an NGO founded in 2005 in Burundi

KIA is a secondary boarding school created to educate a new generation of ethical and entrepreneurial young leaders in Burundi.

The students are at the core of their own transformative education at KIA. The school recruits, identifies and selects the most promising students throughout all of Burundi. Those selected have demonstrated not only success academically but have also shown leadership and commitment to improving their schools and their communities.

KIA brings together this cohort of students from a diverse range of backgrounds for a powerful educational and leadership journey over four years. Competencies and skills such as critical thinking, and character development are intentionally folded into a sustained high level of academic achievement. KIA helps these young students to reinvent what is possible in a progressive and intentional sequence throughout their four years of secondary school and their further careers.

One of KIA’s missions is to serve as a model school to help reinforce and enrich the Burundian educational system. In doing so it also prepares the KIA graduates for success in universities within the East African community, within central Africa and Internationally

Position Overview

We are searching for a reliable and enthusiastic French teacher to join our team. The French teacher will be tasked with teaching students how to speak and write in French, developing a range of assessments including written and oral tests, and creating an overall positive learning experience. You should be able to work with students who have different capabilities and interests.

To be successful as a French teacher, you should demonstrate patience, passion, and excellent analytical skills. Outstanding candidates are able to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and take an innovative approach to language teaching.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Assessing the capabilities of the students and developing appropriate lesson plans and curricula.
  • Pronouncing words and phrases and explaining their meanings to students.
  • Conducting research to develop appropriate learning materials, language games, and other teaching aids.
  • Using both in-class activities and online resources and platforms to create a blended learning environment.
  • Teaching the various tiers of French to students.
  • Developing and grading informal and formal written and oral assessments.
  • Scheduling feedback sessions with students and providing extra support or enrichment activities as required.
  • Making recommendations to students for further learning and development.
  • Organizing conversational classes and fun events where students can engage with French culture.
  • Updating records and handling various administrative duties.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in French language or literature.
  • Degree in education or a teaching certificate may be required.
  • Proven proficiency in oral and written French.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Patience and resilience.
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Good administration skills.

esoko | French Teacher – Burundi

Village Health Works (VHW) (ONG)
PO Box BP 1604 Bujumbura, Burundi

Village Health Works (VHW) a été fondé en 2006 en partenariat avec la communauté locale burundaise. Sa mission est de fournir des soins de santé de qualité et compatissants dans un environnement digne, tout en s'attaquant aux causes profondes de la maladie, de la pauvreté, de la violence et de la négligence. VHW a développé un modèle holistique qui vise à améliorer les moyens de subsistance locaux et à restaurer la dignité et l'espoir. Au cours des 12 dernières années, VHW s'est d'abord concentré sur le traitement et la prévention des maladies par le biais des services de soins de santé primaires. Dans le but de s'attaquer aux causes profondes de la mauvaise santé, de la pauvreté et de la violence, il a également intégré des programmes d'éducation, d'agriculture durable et de développement économique dans ses programmes cliniques. VHW a construit un vaste campus dans une région rurale de Kigutu qui est nichée au milieu de montagnes luxuriantes et surplombe le magnifique lac Tanganyika, le deuxième lac le plus profond du monde. Avec près de 500 employés à temps plein et à temps ...

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