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ECONET (Société de Télécommunication) +25776222506

Econet Leo is looking for a qualified supplier to do construction of telecom tower and installation of telecom equipment at Econet Leo site located at Mujejuru in Mugongomanga Commune, Bujumbura Province.

In fact, any company that believes it has the necessary skills and wishes to participate in this tender must specify and provide the following :

  1. The presentation of the company
  2. A copy of the Tax Identification Number (NIF in French)
  3. A copy of the Register of Commerce (RC)
  4. The physical address of the company (avenue, number, town and city)
  5. Identity of the person who represents the company, executives and shareholders
  6. The email address and telephone number of the contact person
  7. Detailed prices of the offer
  8. Payment terms
  9. Three reference letters from companies with which you previously collaborated in providing similar services
  10. The time of delivery

RFP documents and any other required clarification can be obtained by sending a request on email address one day before offer submission closing date.

As far as the tender itself is concerned, all tenderers must put their financial offer in an envelope bearing the mention ‘Offer for Telecom tower construction and telecom equipment installation’.

Econet Leo would like to invite any supplier interested in this tender to a joint technical survey on 12th August 2019 at the site to be built. Departure time from Econet House is fixed at 09:00 AM. 

Any supplier interested in this invitation to tender is requested to make a detailed offer and submit it in closed envelopes to the Econet Leo Executive Secretariat, located at 281/A Boulevard de l’Uprona at the latest 16th /08/2019 at 4:00 PM.

The opening of the envelopes will take place on 20th /08/2019 at 3:00 PM, in Econet House meeting room, in the presence of bidders who so desire.

The contract will be awarded to the supplier fulfilling the following criteria :

  1. A financial offer deemed realistic and compatible with the quality services to be provided, and expressed in Burundian Francs (FBU).
  2. An acceptable delivery time.


  1. ECONET LEO SA is not obliged to award the contract. This procedure will be ineffective and will be canceled if, in its sole discretion, ECONET LEO SA considers that the offers received do not meet its expectations.
  2. ECONET LEO SA is not obliged to award the contract to the lowest bidder financially.
  3. Since ECONET LEO SA is a fully private company, the Public Procurement Code does not govern this tender, which remains subject to the internal market procedures of the company.

NB : Only the winning bidder will be contacted to negotiate the terms of the contract. The submitted documents will not be returned to the tenderers.


ECONET (Société de Télécommunication) +25776222506
281 A, Boulevard de l'uprona, BP: 431 , Bujumbura Burundi


Servir le Burundi en innovant, en développant, en renforçant et en soutenant une télécommunication effective et de haute qualité conformément aux normes mondiales de télécommunications sans compromis d’éthique.

Econet Wireless Burundi a reçu le Prix Africa Telecom People Award  en tant que Meilleur Opérateur Voix en Afrique Centrale en 2009 juste après neuf mois d’ouverture.En 2012 EWB a reçu le Prix Africa Telecom People Award  en tant que Meilleur Opérateur Voix en Afrique australe et de L'Est.


Econet Wireless Burundi sait que la clé du succès de leur entreprises repose sur la relation qu'ils  développent et entretiennent avec leurs clients. Écoute, disponibilité, compréhension, analyse, préparation, action, résultat. Voilà comment s’incarnent les principes de modus vivendi, de professionnalisme et d’innovation qui nous guident chaque jour dans notre travail.

Lorsque vous retenez les services de l'entreprise, vous vous assurez de la meilleure représentation possible en ce que les employés travaillent tous en collégialité dans le but de vous offrir le meilleur de chacun.

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