Akazi+ subscription

Differentiate yourself from the rest and boost visibility to the recruiters. an AKAZI+ subscription gives you access to a variety of exclusive features that empower members to achieve their goals faster.

Subcribe to Akazi and make your profile stand at the top to make you stand out in a crowd of jobseekers

What you get when you subscribe to Akazi+ ?

  1. You get unlimited access to all our content
  2. Your profile is upfront when recruiters search for candidates like you
  3. Get notified when recruiters view your profile
  4. We will show you opportunities that match your profile

Benefits of the Akazi + subscription

Unlimited and exclusive Access to all our Listings

CV Distribution Services

Personalized Job Recommendations

Appear higher in recruiter's search

Get 10x visibility & leave a lasting impression on recruiters

The premium services of our online talent marketplace provides additional value to job seekers, helping them stand out in a competitive job market and advance their careers more effectively.

How Akazi+ subscription Works

Subscribe to Akazi+ to gain more visibility, get more attention as it is not on the top of the page

Access unlimited opportunities that are published daily

Your profile gets featured on top of candidate results

Boost Your Profile

Rank your profile at the top to make you stand out in a crowd of jobseekers. This feature will rank your profile higher in recruiter's search and allows you to get more attention from recruiter. You will be showcased as an active jobseeker which will increase your chance of getting shortlisted

Importance of having your profile on the top

Get the most relevant job alert notifications

Increase your chances of getting shortlisted

Your applications get prioritized in our jobseeker database

First applicants are more likely to get shortlisted


We submit your CV at the top of the search listing page on the basis that your profile matches the search criteria used by the recruiter(s).

Pricing & Features

Feature Without subscription With Akazi+ subscription
Articles per month 10 ✅ unlimited
Email notifications ✅ Included ✅ included
Whatsapp notifications ✅ Included ✅ included
Personalized job alert notifications ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Download CV in Single PDF file ⛔ Not included ✅ included
See who viewd your profile ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Directly message recruiter ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Advanced search ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Save information about companies ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Automatically send your CV to potential recruiters ⛔ Not included ✅ included
Application assisatnce ⛔ Not included ✅ included